Customized branding, marketing & website strategies for business owners

"I have worked with Tanya on several projects, and am impressed at how her marketing strategies are consistently abreast of the cutting edge. Not only does she serve the marketing needs of the present - she anticipates trends and positions her clients accordingly. I recommend her without hesitation."

Akoulina Connell
Strategic Planner

When you want to get going yesterday!

I don't believe in wasting time and I love working with entrepreneurs who also understand that time is a most precious and limited commodity. 
So after 15 years running a marketing agency, I streamlined the process of delivering a high-end, customized brand roadmap and web presence without compromising quality or efficiency - down to just one dedicated day.
Because who cares if it takes 6 months to launch your brand and website if it doesn't sell for you.
Because who cares if you launch it in a fraction of that time if it doesn't attract the right audience?
So while your competitors are debating fonts and colors, you'll be out there, attracting the right audience and getting booked out.
Join the fast lane and let's make your brand shine brighter than a supernova – in just one day. Don't blink; you might miss it!

Hi! I'm Tanya Ganian

I'm a digital strategist and the founder of The Content Lab. I'm also the author of The Ultimate Branding Workbook and The 50 Marketing Strategies to Build Your Brand & Boost Sales. Since 2005, I've helped over 4,000 clients master their marketing strategy and sell their products & services online.
1. My psychology degree plays a key role in building memorable  brands and crafting compelling marketing messages for business owners that want to attract and connect with their target market.
2. My minor in marketing equips with certified insight to audit your marketing and business goals and advise you accordingly.
3. My 18+ years of experience as an agency owner qualifies me to build effective online strategies for those looking to sell their product and services online.
4. I work as a private digital consultant to B2C and B2B across all industries. 
5. My digital courses teach business owners how to create a compelling marketing message across all their online content so that they can attract the right followers and create a deeper connection with their audience.

Instead of Spending The Next 6 Months Googling Your Way to Success

(or the next 18 months learning from your mistakes)

Stand Out + Get Found + Get Booked

Magnetic Messaging


Get Noticed, Get Found, Get Booked
** PERFECT FOR: Those who need help clarifying their message and attracting the right audience.
What it Includes:
  1. Audit of your digital footprint and previous marketing efforts
  2.  Build your brand strategy roadmap
  3. Clarify & unify your marketing message
  4. Create a customized 30-day content strategy to help establish your brand, create authority and nurture your audience
  5. Map out a marketing strategy customized to your business goals.
This package also includes:
Two 30-minute follow-up calls to ensure you're on track with your plan and goals.
* 5 hour session



Brand & Website in a Day
** PERFECT FOR: Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Coaches, Service Providers, 0-3 employee operations

What it Includes:
  1. Custom 5 page website that includes: Home, About, Work Together, Sales/Booking Page, Contact.
  2.  Customized Brand Map that includes: Color Palette,Fonts, Digital Logo
  3. Website Template of your choice
  4. Social Media Collaterals for your online profiles
  5. Website Training. 
  6. Access to Client Attraction Playbook
*24 hour delivery

Legacy in 10 days


Grow Your Email List
** PERFECT FOR: Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Coaches, Consultants who want to get BOOKED.
What it Includes:
  1. Branding: Accelerate Package
  2.  Marketing: Magnetic Message Package
  3. Traffic: 100 day Content Strategy 
  4. Funnel Magic: Lead magnet
  5. Website Training
  6. Access to Client Attraction Playbook
*10 day delivery


Over the last two decades, I've had the privilege of helping clients across several industries with branding, marketing, and online sales  - both privately and with online courses. These are their feedbacks. 

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
We chose Tanya because of her very approachable nature, attention to our needs, and the numerous recommendations she made toward our objectives as well as the image we wanted to put forth. 
But, in my opinion, the most important aspect that makes her one of the leaders in this industry is, by far, the service we received after the project was launched. We strongly believe that we made the right choice indeed.
If in the future, you have needs to find a company for your projects online, I recommend Tanya without hesitation.
Jacques Dion, René Angelil
General Director
Fondation André-Delambre


"I recommend her without hesitation"
“I have worked with Tanya on several projects, and am impressed at how her marketing strategies are consistently abreast of the cutting edge. Not only does she serve the marketing needs of the present - she anticipates trends and positions her clients accordingly. I recommend her without hesitation."

- Akoulina Connell, Senior Analyst, Service Strategy


⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

"Tanya exemplifies professionalism and expertise in all areas of marketing. She exceeded my expectations and has continued to provide me with high-quality attention post-purchase. Your efforts are continuously recognized and appreciated. Thank you."

- Robert Nihon, Developer


Tanya over-delivers and ensures that you understand the mindset of your audience and the buyer. She has a deep understanding of marketing and the psychology of how client acquisition occurs online. I've learned a lot. 
- Eleni Gallos, Lawyer, Advocate
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
“Tanya has shown great insight and strategic thinking in her digital marketing abilities. I have hired her and rehired her time and again and recommend her highly. You will not regret working with Tanya. 
- Charles Truong, CEO, Business Development

What if I already have a website and brand I love, I'm just not sure how to attract clients?

I have an online course that will teach you how to clarify your marketing, find clients and create an irresistible offer. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

What if I don't know how to maintain it on my own?

You'll receive a simple how to video that will show you how to maintain it. And just to prove how easy it is, asked my 12 year old daughter to try it out! 

What if I need more?

If you require more, email me at [email protected] 


Mastering Magnetic Marketing for entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants allows you to grow your business, reach your ideal customers, and generate more revenue through the power of attraction marketing.

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Monetize Your Skills 

The self-paced step-by-step walkthrough to monetizing your skills and selling on autopilot in 30 days or less!

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"How to Build, Structure and Grow a web design company"

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