There's something magical about serving those you could help the most.

Hi! I'm Tanya Ganian. I'm a digital marketer, writer, brand builder who teaches business owners how to attract dream clients by implementing social media strategies that are in alignment with them and their business. 

I offer virtual training programs on content marketing for social media, storytelling, lead generation, and branding.

If you're trying to leverage social media in your business, join my free masterclass and I will show you how I reached thousands of qualified leads and made my first 100k on social media with a few simple tweaks in my marketing.

  Constantly posting on social media without getting results?
  Jumping from strategy to strategy in your business trying to figure out why you're not getting sales?
 Collecting freebies and PDFs that seem to just deliver baby steps without real change?
 Wondering how to stand out in a saturated market?

" I was wasting so much time jumping from strategy to strategy. One conversation with Tanya and my whole plan fell into place. I can't thank you enough."

"Just finished the class. it was the first time ever taking a class online and i just found your account and omg i’ve already changed the way i do things so much and i’m reassured that i’m consistent in my message and across my branding. Thanks Tanya! - Alice E."

"I learned more in this one course than the last few months of doing online research on my own between google articles and youtube videos. I got completely overwhelmed and lost as to where to start. Totally worth buying. - Sonia K."

"“I have worked with Tanya on several projects and each time I have been impressed with her fresh approach and originality. A strategic thinker, Tanya always goes the extra mile. I recommend her without hesitation.” – Akoulina D."

"“Tanya exemplifies professionalism and expertise in all areas of business. She exceeded my expectations and has continued to provide me with high quality service post purchase. Your efforts are continuously recognized and appreciated. Thank you.” – Robert N."

"This was so valuable to me. I like how clear and straightforward you are in your explanations. You've cleared things up for me in terms of what I need to do. Thank you."

✨  to create a bigger impact in your industry?

 ✨  to attract dream clients without cold outreach?

✨  To wake up to an inbox full of qualified leads?

✨  To not have to lower your prices to gain clients?

When your business is worth your investment

Align + Attract + Convert

The Client Attraction Program is a 3-week virtual training that teaches you how to master client attraction on social media. Learn how to build a magnetic brand, create content that converts, and put together offers that sell!

  • Tuesdays: Weekly LIVE training (replays available) about 90 minutes.
  • Thursdays: Q & A Session (replays available)
  • Dedicated Facebook Group

Craft Your Message:
Clarify & articulate a clear message so that you're aligned with the right audience
Content Creation:
Creating content that attracts buyers.

Irresistible Offer:
Create an irresistible offer your dream clients CAN'T refuse.

BONUS: Exponential Sales:
Learn how to target the right traffic with paid ads


>> Lifetime access to the recordings

>> Live Modules & Worksheets incl. Q & A

>>  Access to Private Facebook Group

Starts September 30th

Limited seats are available. Secure your spot.

Elite Mentorship - One on One 

One Year Private one-on-one for those whose skill is worth their investment. 

Over the course of the mentorship, we'll frame your offer and explore strategies that are aligned with you, your ideal client, and your business. 

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It begins with a story

Consumers make purchasing decisions based on emotional decisions.  Million-dollar brands are created through the power of storytelling. Whether you're a personal brand or a business owner, you have a story to tell and your audience is craving to hear it. 


Tanya Ganian

I went from closing my business and going completely broke to making my first 100k in less than a year without EVER chasing a single client. 

"I took a call from a client while in labor. I knew things had to change."

As an agency owner, I was overworked - answering emails at 3 am, delivering projects on Sunday afternoons, missing BBQs, birthdays, and everything in between. 
But I LOVED every minute of it. 
The late nights, the meetings, the contracts, the raving reviews from clients. The MONEY. It's all I had ever wanted. 
So when I became pregnant, I had no reason to slow down, stop, or miss a single beat. 

Until the day I took a call from a client while I was in labor with my first child. I knew things had to change."

Suddenly, being constantly busy became less and less appealing. I wanted more time with my new family and less time chasing leads.

That's when I decided to transition my business from offline to online.

I turned to social media to create leads and sales. I invested in Facebook ads, created tons of content, freebies, webinars, all of it...and quickly went from hero to zero.

I was left with nothing but a BIG decision: get back into the workforce or go back to the drawing board. 

So I tossed everything and started over...again. and then again and again and again. 
It wasn't until I made three simple changes in my marketing that aligned my business with those I served best that I grew it to multiple six figures before the year's end.
Since then, I've had the honor of helping coaches, freelancers, and service providers get clients without cold outreach by using social media strategies aligned with their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the material?

As long as you are in the Private group. My goal is to provide you with everything you need, including support, to build and grow your coaching service online!

What happens if I can't attend the zoom calls or the lives?

No problem! There will be replays made available in the Private Facebook Group.

How do I know if this is for me?

This is for you if you are trying to leverage Facebook and Instagram to find clients for your service-based business.


"How to Build, Structure and Grow a web design company"

(approx. 35 minutes)


I will not spam, rent, or sell your information