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Learn how to attract the right audience & be profitable without lowering your prices or social overwhelm!

Hi My name is Tanya Ganian and I'm a digital marketing strategist.

Over the last 20 years, I've helped thousands of people leverage social media to find, serve & sell to the right audience so that they can turn followers into paying clients. 
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It's ALL about The BASE

The Base Method is a workshop that will walk you through attracting the right audience & be profitable.
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""Just finished the class. it was the first time ever taking a class online and i just found your account and omg i’ve already changed the way i do things so much and i’m reassured that i’m consistent in my message and across my branding. My biggest takeaway is that it really does begin with a brand strategy. Thanks Tanya!" - Alice E."

""I learned more in this one course than the last few months of doing online research on my own between google articles and youtube videos. I got completely overwhelmed and lost as to where to start. So I’m really glad i invested in this course. Totally worth buying." - Sonia K."

"“Tanya was wonderful to work with, everything was what we asked for.Their team is very responsive and I highly recommend them.” – Katherine B."

"“I have worked with Tanya on several projects and each time I have been impressed with her fresh approach and originality. A strategic thinker, Tanya always goes the extra mile to get a handle on how to create a design package with clout. I recommend her without hesitation.” – Akoulina D."

". “Tanya exemplifies professionalism and expertise in all areas of business. She exceeded my expectations and has continued to provide me with high quality service post purchase. Your efforts are continuously recognized and appreciated. Thank you.” – Robert N."

"This was so valuable to me. I like how clear and straight forward you are in your explanations. You've cleared things up for me in terms of what I need to do. Thank you."


"How to Build, Structure and Grow a web design company"

(approx. 35 minutes)


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