I help new coaches turn followers into clients & build a thriving business...WITHOUT expensive ads or a ton of followers

Hi, I'm Tanya

In 2018, I closed my agency and joined the digital gold rush expecting to build an empire. Instead, I went from hero to zero pretty fast. It took me nearly 18 months to finally get it right. Since then,

  • Helped over 4000 clients leverage social media in their business
  • Launched 2 multi-six-figure e-commerce stores that create income every month.

Today, I help new coaches attract & book clients using social media to build a profitable business.

  • You're wondering what to post about on social media because your posts get zero results.

  • You're jumping from strategy to strategy in your business trying to figure out why you're not where you want to be.

  • You're collecting freebies and PDFs that seem to just deliver baby steps without real change.

  • You're wondering how to stand out in a saturated market.

  • You know you can leverage social media to get more clients but can't seem to figure out how.

  • You're starting to wonder if launching an online business is really for you.

Just because you're not there yet, doesn't mean you can't get there.

The secret is aligning the right strategy between you, your audience and your business. Alignment occurs when you establish clarity in who you are, who you serve, and what you sell.

✨  To create a bigger impact in your industry?

✨  To attract dream clients without cold outreach?

✨  To wake up to an inbox full of qualified leads?

✨  To never lower your prices to sign clients?

"Just finished the class. it was the first time ever taking a class online and i just found your account and omg i’ve already changed the way i do things so much and i’m reassured that i’m consistent in my message and across my branding. Thanks Tanya! - Alice E."

"I learned more in this one course than the last few months of doing online research on my own between google articles and youtube videos. I got completely overwhelmed and lost as to where to start. Totally worth buying. - Sonia K."

"“I have worked with Tanya on several projects and each time I have been impressed with her fresh approach and originality. A strategic thinker, Tanya always goes the extra mile. I recommend her without hesitation.” – Akoulina D."

"“Tanya exemplifies professionalism and expertise in all areas of business. She exceeded my expectations and has continued to provide me with high quality service post purchase. Your efforts are continuously recognized and appreciated. Thank you.” – Robert N."


"How to Build, Structure and Grow a web design company"

(approx. 35 minutes)


I will not spam, rent, or sell your information