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👉  You never had to sell because customers came to you instead of you looking for them?

👉  You never had to lower your prices because customers were willing to pay the price you're asking for your services?

👉  Losing a customer didn't matter because you had a pipeline full of potential leads? 

The Ultimate Branding Workbook 

The step by step guide that will walk you through establishing brand clarity  so that you can

Attract the right clients

Build credibility

Offer a service that sells itself


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"Branding is the reason there are so many 22 and 29 year olds that want to do work with me. Everything I do is about building a brand. I’ve built a real business. I have real clients. I don’t need to sell you." - Gary Vee


The Ultimate Branding Workbook will

Set you apart from your competitors. 

Stop wasting your time comparing yourself to your competitors. Instead develop a brand strategy that will set you apart from them and will become the reason people choose you over others in your industry.

Help you build credibility. 

Experts get paid for their knowledge. Experts don't have to lower their prices because consumers believe in - and are willing to pay for - the value of their expertise. 

Save you a ton of time and money.  

No more wasting advertising dollars in all the wrong places. No more wasting time trying to generate awareness in all the wrong places. When you develop brand clarity, every marketing material and advertising copy resonates with the right client. 

Grow your business.

When you work through developing your brand strategy, you become consistent in  your messaging. You won’t have to constantly second guess every decision you make. You will know your customer, what they expect from you, how to deliver to them and how much to charge. This kind of expertise and growth comes from branding, and branding creates consistency and in turn, consistency creates growth. 

"Before you spend 1 $ in advertising, you need to spend a lot of time, energy and resources on branding. If you really want your advertising to work then you would spend more time energy and efforts on branding first. - Grant Cardone

The Ultimate Branding Workbook is a 40+ page workbook that walks you through every step of setting up a successful brand strategy.

Here's What's Inside:

1 - Preface
2 - How To Use This Workbook
3 - About The Author
4 - Your Mindset
5 - Establish Your Brand Story
6 - STEP 1:  Your Brand Story
7 - Let's Define Your Brand
8 - STEP 2:  Your Unique Value Proposition
9 - STEP 3:  Your Most Ideal Client
10 - STEP 4:  Let's Build Your Avatar
11 - Your Brand Identity
12 - STEP 5: Your Brand Name
13 - STEP 6: Your Brand Logo
14 - STEP 7: Your Brand Colors
15 - STEP 8:  Typography (Fonts)
16 - STEP 9:  Brand Imagery
17 - STEP 10:  Tone & Voice
18 - Achieving Brand Equity
19 - STEP 11:  Brand Equity
20 - Protecting Your Brand
21 - STEP 12:  Brand Protection

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"If you have a good personal brand, people are willing to pay you more for your product or service and argue less." - Brian Tracy

From Consultant to Overbooked

Hi! My name is Tanya Ganian. I’m the founder of Ganian Media, creator of the Poolside Boss Podcast and author of The Ultimate Branding Workbook and The 52 Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales.
After nearly two decades and serving hundreds of clients and comparing those who failed and succeeded,  I quickly realized that at the foundation of every successful business was a consistent, authentic and congruent brand strategy.
When I refocused on establishing brand clarity and building a brand strategy first, I went from a struggling service provider to having a highly profitable and predictable business. 
Nearly two decades later, I don’t struggle in my business anymore. I attract the right clients, charge them what my experience is actually worth and work on projects I love. This is what I hope for you and the reason I launched The Branding Bootcamp

"I followed The Ultimate Branding Workbook to align my messaging across my website, my social media accounts, my emails and all my brand identity. Then tailored my services to match my ideal client. Now, I make nearly $60,00 per month selling one service to one niche. "

Arlene S.

Here's What Else People Are Saying:

“I rebuilt my website using the framework in the Branding Bootcamp, then matched my funnel and email sequence to my message. I made just over $12,000 in one weekend."

Brittany F.

"Ever since I focused on my brand message I attract clients who are will to pay what my services are worth"
-Tina L.

"The company I work for spent 5 figures building their marketing. I couldn't afford the same for my side business. This really helped me articulate  every step of setting up my brand."
-Mary E.

"I just paid $17 for a brand strategist  to help me develop a brand strategy. How does it get better?"
-Arianna K.

"Thanks Tanya. This is great!"
-Sam S.

"I was just about to hire someone to audit my marketing for $1200.00 when your ad popped up! You just saved me 1000s. ;) "
-Jeffrey K.

"This is not the first thing I buy from you and it won't be the last. Thank you for the value in your products. Love your podcasts by the way."
-Lina C.


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"Your business should start with a branding strategy." - Entrepreneur.com

" Not a single empire was built without a brand strategy. Not a signle one." 



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