I want to talk about my top five apps that are going to rock your Instagram posts. Now keep in mind that today is 2019 and great apps are developed all of the time, but as of today, these are my top five. I use them nearly on every single post. So let’s start with the first one.

My Top 5 Instagram Apps

by Tanya Ganian
Tuesday, June 7, 2019


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I want to talk about my top five apps that are going to rock your Instagram posts. Now keep in mind that today is 2019 and great apps are developed all of the time, but as of today, these are my top five. I use them nearly on every single post. So let’s start with the first one.

My first one is Planoly. Planoly lets me organize all of my posts beforehand in one shot so that I am not on my phone on Instagram 24 seven I do lives, I do stories live, I do IGTVs, but when it comes to my content from my posts, they are done in batches.

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So every Sunday or every Monday I’ll set aside three or four hours and plan all my content, create all of my contact for the week that I’m going to post on Instagram. I have my images ready and I have my texts ready, my copy is ready, my hashtags are all planned and I get a notice on my phone when the time comes, they’re all scheduled and they post automatically on Instagram, so that really frees up my time to do a lot more things, work on my courses, work on the content that I actually sell online and work on my IGTV and my stories, so I don’t think that I could do without Planoly. It’s is a great way to save time and organize all of your content.

The second app that I use, and I love, love, love this app, this is one of my favorite apps and it’s called Canva.

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The reason I love this app, I come from a graphic and a web background and so I cannot do without Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is the software that I use. It is at a huge software, all graphic artists, all designers, all photographers use Photoshop, cannot do without Photoshop. I have never found an equivalent to Photoshop. I’ve always had to create my posts and my content on my desktop before transferring it to a phone and then to upload it on social media because the Photoshop app on the phone, there’s not compared to the desktop version, it doesn’t translate well and I was never able to kind of cut out that middleman that was Photoshop until I discovered Canva and I will tell you that Canva is so, so comparable to Photoshop. It is so easy to use, so easy to create posts.

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There’s a wide range of cool funds that you can use. All kinds of shapes, all kinds of graphics. You can slip pictures in the back in the front. I mean you don’t need Photoshop if you ask me. Canva really replaces Photoshop and it is much, much more user friendly. Photoshop is really reserved for the professional graphics that professional video editors and photographers at this point because Canva is really for everybody. All the images that I make, whether they’re on the fly or I’ve prepared them in Planoly, they go through Canva first.

My third favorite app is called Lightroom. Now, Lightroom is an Adobe product. It is a software, it’s a big software as well, and there is a huge learning curve and there is a monthly subscription to Lightroom if you want to use it on a desktop, but it is free if you want to use the app on your phone.

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When you look through images in IG, they’re just great at having this uniform color and lighting with a lot of bright whites and a lot of peach creams and a whole entire account looks so uniform that you don’t even have to look at who posted it. You know exactly who posted according to the color of the images that are being posted. While those are prepared in presets in Lightroom, and you can actually download the presets. Influencers are selling their presets and apply it to your own images. The great thing is you can create your own presets and have your own vibe going on. Your Instagram account and late room really allows you to focus on exposure and the bright white and change those images to make it look like a professional shot them.

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The fourth app that I love is called After Focus. There’s a learning curve in after focus, which is a free app. But it replaces professional camera lenses. It is a much easier process to blur the background and make your images look like they were totally professionally shot with a blurred background and you are at the forefront.

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I do have one of those national cameras and I am always, always, always too lazy to unbox it and then you know, transfer the images digitally up into Photoshop and LightRoom and then start playing with presets. It’s,

My last favorite app of the month, I’ll say of the month, because I know next month there’s going to be other great apps. But my last favorite app is When To Post. This takes out the frustration of trying to figure out when the best time to post is and if you’re trying to use Instagram and if you’re using Instagram for business and you should be, if you have an online business, if you want to sell something, if you’re on Instagram, you should be using it for business.

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If you’re using it for business, then you need to know when is the right time to post. If you post at 10:00 AM on a weekday, no one’s going to see your posts. In the past, when I first started with Instagram three, four years ago, five years ago, I would take three hours to prepare my images in Photoshop, perfect my images, bring it into LightRoom, uploaded to Instagram, and by the time everything was done, if I started at eight nine o’clock in the morning, I would post a 10 o’clock and I would post it a 10 I would get zero engage with, I would get no feedback. It was like I posted in the middle of the forest when to post really takes away that guessing game because there really are better times to post and there are very popular times. There are very dead days, and it analyzes when your followers are actually on the Instagram App, and tells you when the best time to post is according to the day and according to your followers.

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To recap, the top five apps that I use on nearly every single post are




After Focus

When To Post