How I turned a $27 digital product into $112,000 in 3 months 

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In this FREE masterclass, I will show you:

1. The strategy I use to create digital products that attract qualified prospects.

2. The 3-step funnel I used to run the whole thing on autopilot.

3. How I combined organic traffic with paid traffic to skyrocket my results.


My $ 5-a-Day Facebook Ad strategy that helped me build a 7 figure business.

About Tanya Ganian

I'm a writer, storyteller, and digital marketing strategist with a background in psychology and over the last two decades, I've helped business owners just like you generate leads and turn prospects into customers by applying basic psychological principles and marketing strategies on social media.

Most business owners know the power of building a recognizable brand and leveraging social media in their business.

But they get stuck trying to connect with the right audience and articulating a clear message that attracts actual prospects and turns them into paying clients.

So, in 2020, I decided to put everything I've learned during my years in psychology and as a marketing agency owner and teach business owners just like you, how to implement psychological and marketing principles to their online strategies so that they can convert prospects into clients effortlessly. 


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