Have you always wanted to sell something online but never thought you had anything to sell? Then, this podcast is for you. Finding Something to Sell Online is an exercise podcast that will help you generate at least 15 ideas as a starting point for an online business. Be sure to download the free cheat sheet below.

Finding Something to Sell Online

by Tanya Ganian
Tuesday, June 18, 2019


We live in such an opportunistic time. Opportunity is all around us my friends and if you’ve been thinking of a way to get in on the online business game, then this podcast today is for you.

We’re going to address what you can sell online, what you have to do to set up an online business, and the topmost successful online business that exists today.

The biggest concern I hear from people who have very little experience with selling online is “ Tanya, I don’t have anything sell.”

The truth is that’s not the right question you should be asking yourself.

The right questions you should be asking yourself if you want to sell products online are

  • What do I love?
  • What interests me?
  • What product, thing or activity can I get lost in for hours at a time and could never ever see it as a chore?

It could be anything. It could be a sport, a product, or a routine.

I’ve seen online entrepreneurs monetize their makeup routine. I’ve also seen entrepreneurs make 7 figures selling how to PDFs to the golfing industry, fitness experts selling their gym routines, nutritionist selling juicing ebooks.


I mean, the possibilities today are endless and it’s not about whether you have something to sell or not. It all has to begin with what you love.



So let’s start with a quick exercise. And don’t worry, I know most of you listen to me from the car so you don’t have to fumble around for a pen. I’ll have all of this available for you here.

Number 1:

Let’s list the 3 to 5 things people compliment you about.

Maybe you do great makeup, and people can’t figure out a routine. Or maybe you always have the perfect lunch and your coworkers can seem to get it together when it comes time to putting together a healthy lunch.

Maybe you’re a great public speaker. Maybe you’re always reading an interesting book.

Don’t think: “ I can’t monetize that.” Think more:  “ People always compliment... “and then fill in the blanks.

Number 2:

Next, I want you to list the 3 to 4 things people turn to you for most often. This could be professional skills, hobbies, this could be something you know how to do really well.

Like my husband is a great handyman. People tend to turn to him often for help on how to build or make renovations in their home. It’s not part of his career work but it’s definitely something that people turn to him for advice.

Maybe you’re great at Microsoft excel or photoshop. Maybe you write great reports.

Number 3:

Next, I want you to make a list of the 3 to 5 things you love most.

  • I love drawing
  • I love cooking vegan recipes that don’t make me vomit.
  • And I absolutely love making podcasts.

But it doesn’t have to be something you’ve ever even done before. For example, I’ve never juiced before. I’ve never really made healthy vegan juices on a regular basis but it’s something I would love to learn how to do.

So that would also be on my list of things I love to do.

Now, I want you to take a look at your list. Look back at your list. You, who didn’t have a single thing to sell, now you have a list of 12-15 business ideas that you can monetize online.

Now if you’re a real entrepreneur at heart, you’ve already figured out how to monetize all 15.

But I don’t want you to start 15 businesses. We’re gonna start with just one today.


Unfortunately, the thing we’re best at is not always what we love. It’s ideal if it was but life is not always perfectly assembled in a pretty little blue box.



Remember that there are no billionaires who hate what they do. Who dread their work.

So we have to make sure that the top 3 you choose from your list of are the right choices for you.

Let’s set some criteria that your choice has to meet.

  1. Do you see yourself loving talking about this topic?
  2. Is there a demand for it?

I want you to google the crap out of it. If you find no one doing it, don’t think you’ve just found the golden egg. chances are there isn’t a demand for it. I also want you to download a chrome extension called keywords everywhere and check for the volume of searches for your idea per month.

3. Is it legal?

Make sure you’re allowed to monetize your idea.

4. Can you find a way to monetize it with the list I’m about to give you.

So let’s talk about how you can turn your interest into an online business.

Take the top 3 that meet all the criteria and see how you can fit them in the categories below best.

Number 1: How can you sell it?

You can sell it by setting up a Dropship shop. Find someone who makes something that you can rebrand and then sell on your own eCommerce site

Number 2: How can you teach it?

You can either teach your idea in the form a digital product such as an e-course or an ebook or pdf guide. This is of course my favorite way of building a business.

Number 3: How can you build it?

You can either build or make something that you can sell in your shop or become a distributor to online affiliates.

Number 4. How can you build it?

Lastly, you can promote a product or service by become in an online affiliate. That means that if you love, let’s say makeup, then find someone who has a huge following who sells makeup and promotes their products for a percentage of the sales. This is the basis of influencer work as well.

I’ve listed 12 possible ways you can turn your top 3 ideas into revenue sources available here. You can download the cheat sheet and take a look at which categories best suit your top 3 picks and which service interests you most.

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Influencer
  • Selling Online Course
  • Online coaching
  • Consulting Business
  • YouTube business
  • Funnel Business
  • Website Design
  • Selling an eBook
  • eCommerce Business
  • Review product

Now once you’ve chosen your top 3 products and going down the list of 12 possible ways to monetize your top 3, you now have to decide who’s going to buy your product or service.

Solve this puzzle to find your perfect target market:

Let’s say you had to absolutely sell 10 of your product by the end of the day today, Who would most likely buy it? And where are they?


Solve this puzzle to find your perfect target market: Let’s say you had to absolutely sell 10 of your product by the end of the day today, Who would most likely buy it? And where are they?



This is will lead you to your niche market. The more prepared you are, the smoother the process will go.

The more time you take to determine your niche market, your most valuable client, and your value proposition ( which we talk about in podcast episode 3), the more you increase your chance of success.

Again, all this information is available in the cheat sheet here.

Remember that all good things take time to build and in the end, the people left standing are not the smartest, or the brightest, or the ones with the best products, but the ones who have continued to build consistently.


Find your next business idea with the exercise available in the PDF available for download here.