Sell your services online

A Step-by-Step course for Service Providers, Coaches, Consultants.

Service providers know the value of the service they deliver - but there's a huge problem:

They're pitching their services to clients who don't see the same value in their offer. 

Suddenly they're stuck in a cycle of charging less  and working more.

All of a sudden, instead of having built the business of their dreams, they're getting paid less than a full time job.


 ⭐️  Attract the right clients who value your services?

 ⭐️  Create a consistent brand message and identity?

 ⭐️  Generate awareness for your services?

 ⭐️  Set yourself apart from your competitors?

 ⭐️  Build credibility?

 ⭐️  Establish consistent revenue?

 ⭐️  Make more money with a sales process?

Get Overbooked & Oversold every time by building the right business and attracting the right clients for your services. 

Build a Brand

✔️ Validate your services for online sales

✔️ Find your ideal client for your Services

✔️ Build a brand Identity that aligns your who you serve best

Market Your Brand

✔️ Generate awareness in the right places

✔️ Plan and create content for social

✔️ Establish credibility in your industry

(Experts ALWAYS GET paid!)

Sell Your Services

✔️ Match your funnel to the mindset of your customer

✔️ Target your audience on Facebook

✔️ Build a sales funnel that sells

✔️ Set up an email sequence 

Here's What You're Getting:


Let's go through establishing your brand strategy and ensuring your brand story is aligned with who you serve best. We'll also cover best practices when developing your brand identity.




Now that we've ensured your brand  is consistent, authentic and memorable, I'll guide you through the different ways of marketing your brand online and generating awareness through engagement on social media. 




You've created awareness  with the right audience, you've generated more leads than ever before, it's time to turn all your hard work into revenue. I'll guide you through all the tools you need to advertise successfully online - from funnels to email sequences, I've got you covered.


What You Get Inside Brand, Market & Sell

Step 1: Let's Validate Your Idea
Step 2: Let's Find Your Ideal Client
Step 3: Let's Build Your Brand Story
Step 4: Let's Establish Your Brand Identity
Step 5: How To Market Your Brand on Social
Step 6: How to Plan & Create Content
Step 7: How to Choose Your Hashtags
Step 8: How to General Leads
Step 9: How to Advertise on Social
Step 10: Let's Set up an Email Sequence

" I learned more in this one course than the last few months of doing online research on my own between google articles and youtube videos. I got completely overwhelmed and lost as to where to start. So I’m really glad i invested in this course. Totally worth buying."

-Sonia K.

Brand, Market & Sell is a Must For:

✨  Creatives

✨  Developers

✨  Consultants

✨  Fitness or Life Coaches

✨  Freelancers

✨  VAs

✨  any other service provider.

"I just finished the class. it was the first time ever taking a class online and i just found your account and omg i’ve already changed the way i do things so much. I know exactly what i need to do and i’m reassured that i’m consistent in my message and across my branding. My biggest takeaway is that it really does begin with a brand strategy. Thanks Tanya!"

-Alice E.

Here's What Else People Are Saying:

"I get better results with  my ads since I went through the bundle."
-Jay K.
"I've printed 3 copies of the workbook. One for me, one for my social media manager and one for my designer. We're all on the same page." -Yuna R.
"Thanks Tanya. This is great!" -Sam S.
"I wanted to start generating leads online and launched a website to attract new customers. Instead, I ended up with a gorgeous website, spanking new logo and zero clients. Tanya helped me develop my brand strategy and that helped me reached the right people in the right places." - KIm G.

From Struggling to Overbooked

Hi! My name is Tanya Ganian - founder of Ganian Media, creator of the Poolside Boss Podcast and author of The Ultimate Branding Workbook and The 52 Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales.

I've been a Brand Strategist and agency owner for the last 20 years and I've been launching online businesses for service providers for over 15 years. My clients are CEOs, business owners, freelancers, writers, coaches and service providers.

Now, I teach consultants, freelancers and professionals just like you, how to build a brand strategy so that they can find the right clients, build credibility, generate awareness and make more money with automation.

Building a brand story that resonates with those you serve best is the first step in building a successful service-based business. 

What Others Just Like You Wanted to Know Before Saying YES! 

I am a service provider, a consultant, a coach, or health care practitioner. Is this for me?

YES! Brand, Market & Sell was designed for anyone who would need a brand consultant to launch or re-structure their services. It's a 10 step program that will help you define your brand and clarify your message to reach the right people in the right places.


Does it really take 10 Steps?

Yes! As an agency owner, I've been building and launching brands online for nearly 2 decades and I understand the time and money it takes to reach online success. This course cuts out all the mistakes that will cost you time and money and gives you a 10 step framework that will help you build a brand strategy that generates leads and sales.


I've already launched my business. Can I benefit from this course?

ABSOLUTELY YES! Especially if you're already up and running! Brand, Market & Sell  will ensure that your brand strategy is aligned and on track! It's always a great idea to revisit and realign your branding efforts every few years.


When does the training start and end?

You can start ANYTIME. Brand, Market & Sell is a self-paced program, which means you can start building your business TODAY. All the videos can be watched within a two hour time period. But I really suggest you implement the exercises between the videos. 


How much time should I expect to spend on the steps?

Each lesson starts with a video -approximately 10 minutes long and followed by step exercises. Each step builds on the previous step. I suggest you watch, learn, implement and then move on to the next step.


What's included?

Currently, there are 10 Steps to follow in the process.  Every step contains a 10 minute video, followed by a to-do list (step exercises), easy-to-follow guides, checklists, resource lists and more.


Will this teach me how to build websites?

No. This will not teach you how to build a website. However, you will learn the best practices and principles behind building a website including a brand identity (logos, colors, tag lines, etc.)

What do I do if I need help?

If you have a question related to this course, email [email protected]

I've seen classes for $2000 or $3000. Is this just a mini-course?

No. Brand marketing is YOUR FIRST STEP to building a business. Not creating email lists, not buying ads, not growing your audience. That's why this course is everything you need to set the groundwork the right way. 


I’m a small business owner just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a digital product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that should have been a blog post. That’s why I’m offering a seven day money back guarantee. 



Brand, Market & Sell
(Value $497.00)

Brand, Market & Sell walks you through building a brand strategy and marketing your business in an easy to follow, step by step framework. Each step builds on the last and every step is accompanied by exercises, step-by step guides, checklists and resource lists. 

Total Value = $497
Today's Price = $47 

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"If your business is not online then your business will be out of business. " - Bill Gates