Themed accounts are extremely popular and very very easily gain followers. Much easier than business accounts and personal accounts. And if you ever thought you needed proof about the effectiveness of targeting a small tight niche, themed accounts is the real proof that it works.

All About Themed Accounts

by Tanya Ganian
Tuesday, July 9, 2019


Today we’re going to talk about themed accounts. Themed accounts are different from regular Instagram accounts. Themed accounts focus on a very specific targeted niche. For example, juicing, lifting weights, pink furniture, jewelry stacking, ceramic art, cats or cats on tables, ( You can search that one see if it already exists, if it doesn’t you’re so welcome to it.

Themed accounts are extremely popular and very very easily gain followers. Much easier than business accounts and personal accounts. And if you ever thought you needed proof about the effectiveness of targeting a small tight niche, themed accounts are the real proof that it works.

The smaller and more specific your niche, the more likely you’ll reach your mark.

Now managing and posting on themed accounts is very different than any other type of account.

I do want to add a disclaimer here. I always do when I talk about a set of rules to follow. Please take rules as a general guideline. Rules can be broken and you can still succeed. You can also do the exact opposite of this list and still succeed. So many factors come into play so don’t let rules boggle you down. it’s always great to have a set of rules that you can use as a trampoline to catapult from and then soar to bigger heights.

Without further ado:

  1. Make every post relevant to your target audience. If your themed account focuses on cats, do not post pictures of goldfish unless there is a cat in the picture and the cat is trying to eat or cuddle with the goldfish. If your account is about chocolate, don’t post pictures of a kale. Unless you found a way to turn kale into chocolate, which is not impossible since cauliflower found a way to become pizza just recently. Make sure that your post is related to your theme.
  2. Brand with color, style, and vibe.
    Choose a tone or a hue. You’ll have to make a decision between warm colors ( the reds and oranges and yellows or the cooler colors, the blues, the greens, the purples). then make sure that your high-quality images follow those colors. You want people to look at your images and recognize them as your own without them having to check who posted the image. Your images have to become recognizable for you to create a brand. You also have to make sure that your images follow a conducive style. If your backgrounds are blurry or if you’re always shooting in the pint of view of the viewer, become consistent with your style. Your vibe should be recognizable as well. If you’re sarcastic or funny, cynical or shy, it should through in your posts and it should come through each time. Don’t be funny and sarcastic on Monday and all business on Wednesday, Pick a personality. Make it authentic and stick with it,
  3. Try to put a unique spin on your posts. Think outside the box. You know the trends, you know the trends in your space and industry. If you follow those trends, you’re going to get lost in the crowd and you will lose authenticity, and you will lose uniqueness. Find that one thing you have, that one special thing about how you do things, and expand on that. It will serve you much better than following the flock.
  4. Follow similar accounts. Engage with similar accounts. Be part of the community that you are trying to serve. People then follow similar accounts as well. You’ll be much easier to find. If you’re into cats and you only follow juicing accounts, the algorithm will only show you juicing accounts. And there will be a disconnect between you and the community you are trying to build.
  5. Follow related hashtags. Just like accounts, follow related hashtags. Search for hashtags that are related to your theme to increase your presence in the community.
  6. Use It’s a software that searches hashtags. It charges a monthly fee. But you can find free ones online. Prepare 4 groups of 15 to 25 hashtags and rotate their use. will tell you how popular each hashtag is as well. So it’s a tool worth its price especially when you’re first starting out.
  7. Follow followers of the same account. Again, staying within the theme of the engagement and creating a community, follow the ones who are interested in your theme. Get to know them and their interests. The strong the relationship the better you will understand the market you are trying to reach. There’s never been a time in history when sellers had this close access to prospects. This is a priceless time.
  8. Repost with credit other themed accounts and tag them for credit. Rise up by rising others as well. Encourage people to tag you and reuse your images with credit and do the same.
  9. Plan a month ahead. Try as much as you can to work in batches. If you work live and post live, you will be on social all of the time and among the negative side effects of being on social all the time, you will lose perspective. You need to step away and take a step back and evaluate the bigger picture of your efforts. Personally, I work in batches. But it took me a while to get myself organized. I started by posting live, daily. Then I started to plan a week at a time and the better I got, the more focused I got, the easier it became to plan weeks ahead until I planned a monthly schedule.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Try to take things in stride. If you’re not having fun with your themed account, it’s not worth the trouble. Make sure it’s a theme that you love and not one you think you can monetize. This way it will never feel like work…