Want to leverage the online space to skyrocket your business?

Not sure what to do or where to start?

Don't want to waste the next six months trying to Google the right strategy for your business? 

I'll help you fast-track your business goals by auditing your current marketing, clarifying your brand position, and crafting a strategy in just 1 day.

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    You are a business owner, coach, expert, or service provider.

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    You want to start yesterday.

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    You don't want to waste time with proposals.

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    You want to leverage social media and the online space to attract prospects and clients to your business.

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    You want to fast-track your business and zero in on your end results.


Hi! I'm Tanya Ganian

I'm the founder of The Content Lab, The Evergreen Method, and author of The Ultimate Branding Workbook and The 52 Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales.

I've been a Brand & Digital Marketing Strategist for the last 20 years and I've helped  CEOs, business owners, content creators freelancers, writers, coaches and service providers just like you: 

  • Launch their businesses online
  • Build their brand strategy 
  • Increase their business revenue
  • Sell their products online
  • Get their services booked out

In 2018, I transitioned into the online space and it was anything but easy. By 2019, I was burned out, broke, and on the verge of closing shop. It wasn't until I clarified my messaging and applied a content strategy that I made my first six figures. 

Now I teach business owners just like you how to attract leads every day and get clients every single week by implementing simple strategies to your marketing.

CEO Accelerate is a half-day intensive into your business. We start with an audit and you leave with a plan that leads you down the path of success. We will...

  1. Perform an audit of your existing position and online assets

  2. Clarify your market position and messaging in your marketing

  3. Craft a powerful brand statement and customize it for each platform.

  4. Create a service suite that sells to your ideal audience

  5. Create a content strategy to help establish your brand, create authority and nurture your audience

  6. Map out a client attraction strategy that runs on autopilot.

Your CEO Day also includes:

Exclusive 30 days of Voxer support

Three 30-minute follow-up calls to ensure you're on track with your plan and goals.

1. Enter your credit card information
2. You'll receive an email confirmation and a pdf questionnaire regarding your business.
3. You'll also get a link to book your 1 Day CEO day.
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