How I went from closing my business and going completely broke to making my first 100k in less than a year. 

"I took a call from a client while in labor with my first child. I knew things had to change."

As an agency owner, I was overworked - answering emails at 3 am, delivering projects on Sunday afternoons, missing BBQs, birthdays, and everything in between. 

But I LOVED every minute of it. 

The late nights, the meetings, the contracts, the raving reviews from clients. The MONEY. It's all I had ever wanted. 

So when I became pregnant, I had no reason to slow down, stop, or miss a single beat. 



Until the day I took a call from a client while I was in labor. That's when I knew things had to change."

Suddenly, being constanly busy became less and less appealing. I wanted more time with my new family and less time chasing leads.

That's when I decided to transition my business from offline to online.

I started leveraging social media to create leads and sales. I invested in Facebook ads, created tons of content, freebies, webinars, and very quickly went from hero to zero.

20 years of experience? DIDN'T MATTER.

A portfolio of testimonials? DIDN'T MATTER.

Expert in my industry? Over-delivering to customers? Cheapest price in town? DIDN'T MATTER.

I was left with nothing but a BIG decision: get back into the workforce or go back to the drawing board. 

So tossed everything and started over...again. and then again and again and again. 
It wasn't until I made three simple changes in my marketing that aligned my business with those I served best that I grew it to multiple six figures before the year's end.


  1. I clarified my message and offer so that I was addressing pain points rather selling services.

  2. I aligned my brand story with my ideal clients so that it resonated with the right audience.

  3. I leveraged organic traffic with paid traffic so that I could attract qualified buyers.

Since then, I've had the honor of helping consultants, experts, and coacheses get clients without cold outreach by using social media strategies aligned with themselves & their business.