Billboards, magazines, and little bit of everything else

Launching my own agency was anything but a smooth ride.

I quit my 9 to 5 job with big hopes and even bigger dreams.

But I was overworked - answering emails at 3 am, delivering projects on Sunday afternoons, mising BBQs, birthdays, and everything in between. 

But I LOVED every minute of it. 

The late nights, the meetings, the contracts, the raving reviews from clients. The MONEY. It's all I had ever wanted and had worked so hard to achieve. 

And even though I did little of anything else, I couldn't have been happier. 


Until the day I took a client's call when I was in labor with my firstborn child.

I wish I could say that THAT was the turning point when I decided to find another way. But it wasn't because THAT was a normal thing to do.

But I continued for another 5 years until WHAT I wanted started to change.


I no longer wanted back-to-back meetings. I wanted to spend the afternoon coloring with my kids.

I no longer wanted big lucrative contracts. I wanted time to watch Frozen (for the gazillionth time).

I no longer wanted to trade my time for money. I WANTED FREEDOM.

Online Business is 1/3 brand, 1/3 content, 1/3 automation, and 100% strategy 

 I learned

  • How to identify what my ideal clients were really after.
  • How to articulate my brand message to resonate with the right people
  • How to generate awareness in the right places for my services
  • How to set up a pipeline that  automated my lead generation and my sales process
  • How to evaluate, tweak and retweak my marketing.

And since then…

I’ve had the honor of helping consultants, freelancers, and entrepreneurs create an audience and sell their services by leveraging social media so that they can build wealth and influence in their business.