How I turned my service-based business into a digital product and finally built the life I was after.


Before there was ever a podcast. Before selling online courses. Before becoming a digital product creator …there was a freelance web designer chained to a cubicle. Not having a single clue how to unchain from an office desk and build the life she dreamed of.

Billboards, magazines, and little bit of everything else

Launching my own agency was anything but a smooth ride.

I quit my 9 to 5 job with big hopes and even bigger dreams.

But I was skimming by overworked, undercharging, and taking on any client that was willing to pay just about anything. I was answering emails at 3 am, delivering projects on Sunday afternoons. I was missing structure, focus, and direction. I was missing life.

I started hating the business owner life. I was missing the days I spent safely in my cubicle snuggled between weekly paychecks.

Woah! I had to stop and take a step back.

I stopped taking clients and did what every normal freelancer does in tough times: I had babies.

If you think a room full of CFOs are tough, try negotiating with a 6 lbs colicky baby

Every decision meant time away from my growing family. Every move had to matter.

Every client had to be worth my time. After restructuring and rebranding my agency, I was finally able to build the type of business I always wanted, working with my ideal clients, and taking on projects I loved. But my time was still divided between my family and my business. The more successful I got and the more money I made, the more of my attention and time my agency required.

I turned my services and knowledge into a digital product.

I learned that turning my services into digital products was the key to creating not only a highly profitable business but one that would allow me the freedom of time. But it didn’t come as easily as it sounds. I launched course after course and failed every step of the way. I did lives, blogs, vlogs, and paid ads.  I failed consistently but along the way, I learned

  • How to solve a problem for my ideal client
  • How to articulate my brand story to resonate with the right people
  • How to generate awareness for my services
  • How to set up a pipeline to an automated sales process
  • How to build a process that works

And since then…

I’ve had the honor of helping consultants, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other service providers build the businesses of their dreams.

 I hope the information I provide can help you pave your own path to financial freedom and your best life.