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What if

👉  EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF CONTENT you created got your business BOOKED OUT?

The Branding Bundle

The step by step done-for-you Story Script template, Branding blueprint The 365 Day Content Calendar that will have you easily create your brand story and launch your strategy in 90% less time!

Instant Access for $27

Service providers understand the importance of putting out content - but there's a huge problem:

They're sharing the wrong content with the wrong people. 

Suddenly, they're stuck with a bunch of followers and no buyers.

They become frustrated and overwhelmed watching someone else becoming a millionaire selling the exact same thing they are struggling to sell.

How would your business be different if you could:

☀️ CONFIDENTLY hit that post button whenever you have a new offer or service you want to fill up

☀️ Know EXACTLY what to say and how to say it to get your audience salivating over your offer 

 ☀️ No more posting the same stock images everyone else is using and expecting it to grow your business. 

 ☀️ Get to CELEBRATE your wins by ditching your laptop to spend a reward-afternoon with complete confidence that your landing page is converting leads.

You may have been struggling with your income, client consistency in your business or depending on unreliable word of mouth and personal referrals (of not so ideal clients) to grow your business… until now.


You feel like you’ve tried everything, from posting constantly, to creating plan after plan - knowing that next month you’ll need to search for more clients again.

You don’t have any more time OR money to waste on things that aren’t working.

Wondering how others are crushing it online with HUGE monthly incomes?


✨ ✨ ✨ 

This is the bundle you need to grow your followers, get the leads and the sales your business deserves


Digital products


365 Days of Story Prompts

365 Content Ideas
Never wonder what to post about ever again.
Know exactly what to post every single day of the week


The 5 Content Categories

Content for Maximum Engagement
Scheduled to fit everyday of the week

12 Month Schedule

Monthly calendar of content posts
Easily printable and user friendly

(Digital value: $97 Agency Value: $7200.00 per year)



The decision to purchase doesn't happen during the pitch. It happens when your prospect engages with your story.

Your brand story should  attract the people you serve best. 

The Story Script is a plug-and-play editable template  that will have you create your story in 90% less time!

+  Step-by-step walk-thru to guide you along every element of your unique brand story

+ The best practices when creating a brand story

+  Example brand story broken down and explained

(Digital Value: $97.00. Agency Value: $2500.00)



The roadmap to an authentic, consistent and memorable brand.

The only way to attract the right people to your brand story is to understand who you are writing for. 
The Ultimate Branding Workbook will walk you through every step of setting up a successful brand strategy.


Exactly what you need to connect with your audience with every piece of your content.



⚡️Stand apart from your competitors

⚡️Attract the right customers

⚡️Increase your credibility

⚡️Build an audience of buyers

⚡️Sell out your services  

⚡️Generate leads & makes sales!


(Digital Value: $97.00. Agency Value: $1500.00)



Hate Selling?

Your landing page should sell for you

NEVER wonder what to write on your landing page or say in your webinar EVER AGAIN!



Your Sales Page Template Walkthrough

The Types of Buying Decisions Every Customer Makes

How to Create Headlines that Hook

The 5 Most Powerful Psychological Triggers to Get That Click

The Blueprint to converting copy

(Digital Value: $97.00. Agency Value: $2500.00)

Did somebody say....



From finding your best customers to establishing an authentic brand message to launching a money-making funnel, Brand, Market & Sell is a step by step walkthrough of the best practices in building a customer-centric business.


You Get 
Tutorials + Step by Steps

Let's Validate Your Idea
Let's Find Your Ideal Client
Let's Build Your Brand Story
Let's Establish Your Brand Identity
How To Market Your Brand on Social
How to Plan & Create Content
How to Choose Your Hashtags
How to General Leads
How to Advertise on Social
Let's Set up an Email Sequence

(Digital Value: $297.00. Agency value: $8,000.00)


Funnels to Mindsets

How to build a funnel to match the mindset of a buyer. Get the step by step video + guide.

The Hashtag Hack

How to find and plan your hashtags to maximize awareness and reach the right audience.

The 6 Part Email Sequence

Customize this 6 part email sequence to automate and nurture your subscribers.

The Branding Bundle is a Must Have If…
  • You are a service provider.
  • You want to generate leads on auto-pilot.
  • You want to increase your sales.
  • You want to set yourself apart from competitors.
  • You need to build credibility in you industry.
  • You want to make sure your brand is targeting the right client.
  • You are looking for a step by step instructions that will tell you exactly what you need to do. 


"If you have a good brand, people are willing to pay you more for your product or service and argue less." - Brian Tracy

"Before the branding bootcamp, I spent the majority of my time looking for the clients. Now, I'm attracting the kinds of clients I actually want to work with. I'm also a lot more conscientious of where I spend my time trying to generate awareness for my services. I totally recommend this if you're looking to generate business online."

BIGGEST TAKEAWAY: "Hmm...interesting question. My biggest takeaway was how to match my marketing strategy to the mindset of the buyer."

John Giampouranis
UX/UI Designer

"Thank you for this. I feel pretty confident posting my content since the Branding Bundle."

Jessica M.

Here's What Else People Are Saying:

 "I get better results with  my ads since I went through the bundle."
-Jay K.

"I've printed 3 copies of the workbook. One for me, one for my social media manager and one for my designer. We're all on the same page."
-Yuna R.

"Thanks Tanya. This is great!"
-Sam S.

"There is no sale without a story. Developing your brand is key to monetizing your passion online.”
― Gary Vee

" If it wasn't for The Branding  Bundle , I would've wasted a lot of time trying to figure out how to express my brand story. I also love that the instructional videos are short and to the point and that the exercises at the end of the steps build on the previous steps."

BIGGEST TAKEAWAY: "It's a toss between the workbook and the email sequence. I love that I was able to modify the emails to fit my market but I also love that I can hand off the workbook to anyone who works on my marketing so that we're all on the same page."

Eleni Gallos

From Struggling to Overbooked

Hi! My name is Tanya Ganian - founder of Ganian Media, creator of the Poolside Boss Podcast and author of The Ultimate Branding Workbook and The 52 Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales.

I've been a Brand Strategist and agency owner for the last 20 years and I've been launching online businesses for service providers for over 15 years. My clients are CEOs, business owners, freelancers, writers, coaches and service providers.

Now, I teach consultants, freelancers and professionals just like you, how to build a brand strategy so that they can find the right clients, build credibility, generate awareness and make more money with automation.

Building a brand story that resonates with those you serve best is the first step in building a successful service-based business. 

What Others Just Like You Wanted to Know Before Saying YES! 

I am a service provider, a consultant, a coach, or health care practitioner. Is this for me?

YES! The Branding Bundle was designed specifically for service providers and consultants who would need a marketing or business consultant to launch or re-structure their services. 

I've already launched my business. Can I benefit from the Branding Bundle?

ABSOLUTELY YES! Especially if you're already up and running! The Branding Bundle will ensure that your brand strategy is aligned with
your business goals! It's always a great idea to revisit and realign your branding efforts every few years. 

When does it start and end?

You can start ANYTIME. The Branding Bundle is a package of frameworks, templates and blueprints. It's available to you 24/7, which means you can establish brand clarity TODAY.

When do I get the Bonuses?

You have access to everything right away. Once you purchase, you will receive an email with login information where you'll access everything included in The Branding Bundle. 

What if I need more help?

You're in luck! I specialize in strategy, coaching, consulting and have an awesome agency team to get things done FOR you. I'm easily reached via email at t[email protected]

Will this teach me how to build websites?

No. This will not teach you how to build a website. However, Brand, Market & Sell, will give you access to the principles and best practices behind building a brand identity (logos, colors, tag lines, etc.)

I’m a small business owner just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a digital product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that should have been a blog post. That’s why I’m offering a seven day money back guarantee. 



(Total Agency Value: $21,800)
1. Enter your credit card information
2. Set up your username & password
3. Get an email with instant access to the bundle

"Your business should start with a brand strategy." - Entrepreneur.com